Learning from Wild Bees and Tree Beekeeping

Photo by Piotr PiƂasiewicz of Bractwo Bartne
I recently completed an article for The Beekeepers Quarterly, issue 123. You can find the article here.

I have been thinking more about how tree beekeeping has been used in the past, and how tree beekeeping might be used in a completely new and inspiring way in the future: A platform for the Bee message as we move into a challenging period for the world. 

The story of the Bee is of being without destroying, forming dependant relationships with each other, the comb organisms, flowers and environment. Existing solely from what is local to the hive. All important messages, and there are many more to be discovered.

I hope you like the article and would be happy to receive your feedback comments.

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Gareth Herd said...

Thank you for this wonderful article. Inspiring and informative.
I feel much more must be done in this direction, in as many locations as possible.
Moreover it would be good to see the various trusts that manage land becoming interested in this old approach. Particularly in regard to 100% hands off wild colonies. To me, it appears not only desirable but necessary. It is not just a daydream to imagine a network of hundreds or thousands of new natural bee-spaces being created. This is the ultimate in natural and does not even require 'beekeepers'. Nothing could be better suited in my opinion to the needs of the bee.

add to any