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Toward saving the Honey Bee - Guenther Hauk
Bees and Honey: From Flower to Jar -Michael Weiler
Natural Beekeeping with Warré Hive - David Heaf
Honeybee Democracy Thomas Seeley
The Sun Hive - Guenther Mancke

Useful Links 

Spikenard Farm Bee Tea For Strengthening Bees 

Good summary of Natural Beekeepers views on on the Flow Hive fromNatural Beekeeping Trust

The wonderful Marla Spivak Ted talk - Why are bees disappearing 


Annotated list of papers with abstracts of relevance to near-natural beekeeping

The Effect of Plant Supplements on the Development of Artificially Weaken Bee Families - Mărghitaş 2010

Bee Stings & Immunology, Allergy and Treatment Buddy Marterre, MD 

Papers on Sugar compromising bee health:

Ecologically Appropriate Xenobiotics Induce Cytochrome P450s in Apis mellifera - Johnson 2012
Honey constituents up-regulate detoxification and immunity genes in the western honey bee Apis mellifera  - Berenbaum 2012
Diet-dependent gene expression in honey bees: honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup Marsha M. Wheeler1 & Gene E. Robinson 2014


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