New Hives for Swarming Season

Dear bees - choose this hive
 I'm so looking forward to swarming season. Yesterday I set-up my log hive with new roof made from biodynamic rye, hand cut by my good friend Brock.

This is set-up as a 'bait hive',  which I hope a passing swarm will find irresistible. The key to a good bait hive is a couple of drops of lemongrass oil just inside the entrance (topped up every few weeks) and most importantly, old starter comb 8cm x 8cm squares pinned the ceiling with oak pegs. There is nothing better in beekeeping than to have the experts, the bees, choose your hive and sette in. You know that when they do that over 80% of the scout bees have voted that your hive is the best, and guided the swarm to the new home. This hive cost just £60 for the Cedar log.

My other new hive for the season is made entirely from scrap wood left over from the building of my house. I'm making it memory of Fedor Lazutin. This has sides insulated with sheep's wool and extra deep frames which allow the bees to build uninterrupted brood comb. The hive materials cost £50 as I had to buy the frames.

Modified Golden hive (Quilt box front)

I'm so happy :)


Jenny said...

nice work- swarming well under way down south here in Texas. Bees love these natural styled hives- it is best for them to choose where & how to live!

Jonathan said...

thanks Jennifer, beekeepers need to spend more time studying what their bees would do without intervention. Only that way can we truly help our bees.

wellywood woman said...

Have the swarms arrived? I'd love an update!

Jonathan said...

Wellywood - I'm very happy to provide you with an update!

wellywood woman said...

Thanks a million! Love having this update!

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