Passing Memories

In 1930 my Grandfather won a prestigious silver cup for his honey at the annual London Honey Show held at the Crystal Palace. A year later he returned the cup and was given this tiny silver replica cup. As a child I remember the cup lived on the shelf by the stairs, my eye was always drawn to it as I ran up and down the stairs. After he died his oldest surviving son, my uncle, looked after and cherished the cup. I was showing my uncle and his sister my bees this weekend, and I was stressing how I do not keep bees for honey. Only if we love bees and all nature, not just value it, will we protect it. My uncle reached into his pocket for something, and then pressed it into my hand, saying as he did this "Dad would have wanted you to have this." It was the cup.

The cup has been loved and protected for over 86 years, and I will be the new guardian. It looks like the bees approve.

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