The Only Apitherapy That Does Not Harm Bees

 St John The Baptist Church tree hive
I was walking in Crawley town centre last Monday when I came across this large tree stump at the back of the St John The Baptist church, and I spotted bees flying in and out. There was a second hive in the church wall (far right in the link above, below the gutter).

I have to admit I was not feeling inspired by my first visit to Crawley, but a bee from the tree landed on my forehead as if to bless me, and the day just turned around. This in my view, is the only apitherapy that works and does not harm humans or bees.

If you are interested in Tree Beekeeping, I have written an in depth article for this months Permaculture Magazine PM 83 which is on sale now (January 2015).

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