How many chemicals are routinely applied to a crop of oil seed?

22 chemicals applied to a single season's planting of oil seed rape in Sussex UK:

Click the table to view David Goulson's extraordinary list and analysis. Surprisingly, this is routine. Little wonder rape oil seed has to be subsidised and why the chemical companies love this crop.

Also, in the news, more confirming research has been produced showing how the chemicals interact and amplify their toxicity.

“We also found that the negative effects of these pesticides are sometimes greater when the pesticides occur in combinations within the hive.” - Jim Frazier, professor of entomology, Penn State

Agriculture has quietly become hooked on chemicals and fears change. As a consumer, our response should be: When we make a purchase, think - are we nourishing or poisoning the world.

We have enough food to feed the world, but unlike the bee hive we do not have the imagination or skill to share food equally.

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